About Us



24x7deal.com is a leading web advertiser based in India. Bazaar Aaptak partners with its clients with a single-point agenda - to transform their business challenges into growth opportunities through advertisement! Bazaar Aaptak has mobilized the right people, skills, technology, and processes to help clients strengthen their competitive advantage.

24x7deal.com is a one stop website for


  • Google Promotion.
  • Sale & Offer flash facility
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Online shopping
  • Personalized page
  • 24x7 Assistance
  • Live Chat
  • Profile editing
  • Unlimited photo uploading
  • Purchasing discount between all Members. 

Our singular focus on ‘client satisfaction’ cements our relationship with our clients.



  • Customer comes first. Surpass customer expectations consistently. 
  • Honesty, Integrity and Fairness.
  • Pursuit of Excellence. Constantly improve ourselves, our teams and our services to become the best. 
  • Collaboration, Team Spirit and Sharing. 



To help our customers be more successful through web advertisement which help them in expanding

their customer network. 



“Persistent determination to surpass clients expectations by delivering cost effective and high quality

customized technology advertisement 

Each and every client engagement is unique and has its own individualistic requirements. Hence,

at BazaarAaptak we don’t have the same yard stick to measure level of quality achieved across all

engagements. Complying with industry standards and timely advertisement within budget is a given but

we believe quality is judged by the customer itself. This perspective drives a no-compromise attitude

towards quality, thus helping us to deliver long-term value for our clients. Our customer driven quality

process leads to services that contribute to ‘true’ customer delight. 



At BazaarAaptak our people come together with a wide variety of experience and backgrounds, but what

ties us together as one is the strong belief in our value system. We all at BazaarAaptak take our value

system very seriously. 

Our integrity document, recounts on our real life experiences and tells how our beliefs have made us do

the right things and not merely do the things right. It reinstates that our integrity stands unquestionable

even in our darkest hours. Breach of integrity at BazaarAaptak is unpardonable, be it the junior most

employee or even the CEO- we demand the highest order of ethical behavior. 

We don’t impose our policies on anyone, but we assure that these easy to imbibe set of guidelines are

the way to establishing a mutually rewarding work environment. We regularly revisit our set of guidelines.