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Name : Dewesh Kumar
Address : Satyam shivam, North Patel Nagar, Patna - 800024
Mobile : 9122457777, 9122957777
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Website : http://mrcleanzo
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I would like to inform you that the world class technology to clean your water storage tank is now available in Patna. We, MR CLEANZO, are in service to clean water storage tank physically, chemically and biologically by six stages of complete mechanised cleaning process, having no side effects. We use technologically advanced machines like high capacity mud pump, high pressure washer, industrial vacuum cleaner and specially designed UV lamp in the cleaning process. Our cleaners are well equipped, well trained and maintain the complete International standard of hygiene during the cleaning process.

Dear friends, as you all know that water is one the most important elements for life. No one can even imagine life without water,but it is also a cruel truth that 66% of diseases caused to humans are water borne. Hence, MR CLEANZO is a little helping hand towards providing clean water to the society.


Water tank cleaning at regular intervals is important for health. In addition to drinking, water is used for other household jobs like cooking, washing, bathing, etc. daily. If the Input water is not clean, we are exposed to deadly water borne diseases.